Travelnotoria web resource is completely updated in 2022. As before, we offer travel services and the information in Turkmenistan. The new clear division of the sections as per certain categories. Below is the detailed menu with the direct links to the subjects. Here are more information about the history, culture and sites. Tours and Excursions sections have the popular and standard programs accompanied with its own budget calculator service. Your can have the detailed program, combine the services you would like and get a budget result directly online, with the detailed description. All these, you can get immediately on the website. Now, it is not necessary to email and wait the price result and details. As to get a neutral idea of the budget in the country, the budget online button has this form. Play with the services, and choose the number of nights, you can get an immediate idea of the local prices for solo traveler or a group. This gives the option to form your tour or your groups, saving the time. Hope it will be useful. Other sections updated and we will continue to do it as Turkmenistan is still closed for international travel due to COVID19 issue. We update this immediately when the changes happen.
We continue the work and come over the borders to offer a broader picture of Central Asia, and Russia. The interconnection, history, culture and touring options. The countries above, in the head menu are our future goals. This is the steady process and continue to add more travel information – country by country, gradually. Now, we have started the global tours, in the neighboring countries. This text will be updated immediately when new parts are added. Thank you so much and hope for your support.
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