Oguz Kent

Expectations: large and luxurious rooms, king size beds with big set of pillows, comfortable, hospital service, very good park in front of hotel. 10-15 min drive to airport


Fully renovated deluxe hotel since May 2011, former Nissa hotel. Standard rooms starting from deluxe category. Professional and friendly staff, very good manager. Central location, nearby – University of Makhtumkuly and complex of Presidential Palaces.

Grand Turkmen

Decent rooms, wifi and TV, moderate service. Very good location, with Russian bazar across the street, together with choice of restaurants, café, pubs (British Pub, Asuda Nusay restaurant, City pub, Gunesh pub, Sha Coffee café), a couple of big shopping buildings, good parks around, easy public transportation service (public buses or taxi)


Since 1994 popular AkAltyn Sheraton Plaza but after 2002 Sheraton left Turkmenistan and it became AkAltyn under the local management. It is old hotel but very good choice for travelers looking for the combination of price, room, facilities.


It can be choice for travelers on tour, having car service included. The facilities have been recently renovated


Old hotel in the center of Ashgabat. The location is one of the best available. Budget option compare to other hotels in town.


Since 2004. Former best hotel option in Mary until 2015 when Mary hotel has been build. Location is 1 mile from center. Nearby Mourgab river, history museum, Gyzyl Gum restaurant. Now, it is more budget option to travel through Mary

Avaza. Caspian Sea

Hotels have been built as part of National resort project, at Caspian sea coastline in Avaza. It is 15 km from Turkmenbashy town


Balkanabat is small town on the way to Caspian Sea. If you plan to visit Yangy Kala canyon, before to get in Turkmenbashy, easier to stop in Balkanabat for overnight. The only Western hotel in town is Nebitchi. Round, three floors building offering decent stay. Well-equipped rooms with comfortable beds, bathroom, hot water, air con, TV set with some channels mainly in Russian and Turkmen. Garden (with some selections of birds) circle the building. Park across the hotel where possible to walk around in the evening. Location not far from center. Decent meals in the restaurant.


Since 2009. Former best available hotel option in Dashoguz until 2015 when Dashoguz hotel has been build. Location is 1,5 mile from center. Nearby, Coffee House Dashoguz, Hun Berger, Café Datlyja, Halil Market. Now, it is more budget option to travel through Dashoguz


Hotel in Turkmenabat. If you visit Koytendag/ Kugitang reserve or have car travel to Dashoguz via Dayahatyn caravanserai, it is good to stay there before to continue your trip


Expectations: large luxurious and spacious rooms, king size beds with big set of pillows, comfortable, hospital and good service, set of pools with SPA, amazing view to town and Kopet Dag mountains, 25 min drive to airport


Since 2015 new hotel in Dashoguz, rich decor and furniture, spacious rooms, comfortable beds, clean bathrooms (big bath, hot water, thick towels, bathrobes, slippers). Safe, flat screen TV, kettle and fridge in the rooms. Swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, bar. Far from downtown, on the way to airport 10-15 min drive. Decent meals in the hotel restaurant. Staff is helpful. Best available hotel in Dashoguz


Still new hotel in Mary, since 2015, rich décor and furniture, spacious rooms, comfortable beds, clean bathrooms. Swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, bar. Location is in the center. Nearby local bazaar, central mosque, history museum, park, good Aladdin restaurant (take road behind hotel). Best available hotel in Mary

Archibil hotel

Fully renovated 5* hotel (former President hotel), 16th floor building at the foothill of Kope Dag mountains, 10 km from downtown. Have Lobby Bar and restaurant, 16th floor restaurant and bar, SPA complex - Hamam, Sauna, Steam bath, Snow Shower, Therapy, Massage rooms, Gym, Swimming pools, Beauty care


The new hotel in Sport Olympic complex built for Indoor Asian Games 2017 in Ashgabat. All are brand new and high quality, spacious and modern rooms, furniture, and luxurious décor, swimming pool, spa complex, wi-fi Good location, 5 min walk to Berkarar shopping mall (biggest in Turkmenistan: market, variety shopping, entertainment, cafe and restaurants, children area). 15-20 min drive to airport


The new hotel in Sport Olympic complex built for Indoor Asian Games 2017 in Ashgabat. Large and modern rooms, furniture, and luxurious décor, swimming pool, spa complex, Wi-Fi, Chinese restaurant on the top Good location, just cross the street to Berkarar shopping mall (biggest in Turkmenistan: market, variety shopping,

Bagt Koshgi

Ashgabat’s palace for wedding registration and celebration. The big complex, together with marriage registration halls, restaurants and local hotel designed for wedding guests to stay for overnight there. Location is up on the hills, 10 km from center. Nearby is generally empty, in the same area Ashgabat hotel, Kopet Dag stadium for government events celebrations, Yyldyz hotel


New big hotel on the hill, above the town, 10 km from the center. Large rooms and comfortable beds. Swimming pool and SPA available. Good view to Ashgabat and Kopet Dag mountains

Chinar hotel

Expectation: The best solution for overnight stop between Caspian Sea and Ashgabat. The hotel is in Serdar town (former Gyzylarbat), some 230 km before Ashgabat. The hotel is still new. Large rooms with wardrobe and bathroom, moderate beds, hot water. Café in the same building

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This website divided into paragraphs as per most frequent questions how to travel in Turkmenistan and in Uzbekistan. Mainly, the sitemap look likes:


Useful information how to get visa. Requirements, documents. 


How it is better to book hotel. Is there a difference, if to book directly or contact a Turkmen travel agent. 


How best to book travel? What services are behind the prices. 


Solo travelers who would like to join group! Share cost, have group trip.


Turkmenistan on transit. What is the best way to make it happens. Frequent transit tours.


Travel itineraries (interesting, rare, standard)


Budget secrets


Gastronomical culture



Travel Planning Periods:



The end of March - April- May are the best periods to travel in the region. When the temperatures are starting from +15 C.....and come to + 35 C in May. Rains are possible in March. In April- May, the rains become warm but short heavy showers are often in mountains or area close to it


Hot period is starting in June +35...+40C. What continue to increase up to +50C in shade, during July month. Coming back to +35...+40C in August


In September, the temperatures become again warm +25...35 C. The rains are rare. October month can be different from year to year, warm +20...+30C or with sudden changes in the temperatures +5...+15 C and cold rains

How to travel to Turkmenistan? Frequently Asked Questions
Transit visa- a transit visa application can be made by a traveller directly to Turkmenistan Embassy/Consulate in any part of the world. Duration of transit visa is up to 5 days. 
Advantages/ Disadvantages. Read more pls click here
Tourist visa/Advantages: 
Normally, the duration of tourist visa, it is arranged up to 15 days. What makes it possible to visit all country as per idea, interest and budget. It makes travel in Turkmenistan more interesting, combining differents elements of interest (culture, adventure, ecotourism, nature, trekking, hiking, horse riding, geography trips). Flexibility of price and travel conditions are still remain but finally it depends on a travel agency you choose, as it can be different. Visa obtain place is free and you can choose at your convenience. Period can be flexible up to one or two months, arranged in advance in letter of invitation. Itinerary can be also changed inside of general itinerary applied in letter of invitation. Read more pls click here



Tour programs


 Tour description

Travel planning to see Nowruz holiday celebration in central Asia. The revival of the nature after cold winter and awake in the colorful and warm period of the Spring. March 21, visit Nowruz village, what is open only one day a year, 18 km from Ashgabat. It is appears there like by magic and disappears next day, transforming back into green hills of pre Kopetdag steppes. Here, you can see the culture of Turkmen tribes, listen their folklore music, taste the nomadic meals, participate in big event of Spring holiday...

Dates: March 19-28, 2019

starting 1133 EUR

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 Tour description

This trip offers sightseeing in Turkmenistan, together with trekking in Karakum desert. Cross the desert from Caspian see to Murgab river, see the old caravan routes of Great Silk Road. Visit natural sites – Yangy Kala canyons, Darvaza fiery gas crater. Meet the semi nomadic people deep in the desert. Enjoy the Turkmen oasis and limitless of sand barchans. Get knowledge of ancient history of Margiana, Merv..and modern white marble architecture of Turkmenistan (Ashgabat, Turkmenbashy, Awaza, Mary, Turkmenabat). Cultural, nature and adventure

Trip dates: March 21-28, April 22-29, May 7-14, May 20-27, June 4-11, August 3-10, August 23-30, 2019

Guaranteed departures from 4 persons..., starting 900 USD to 792 USD

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Tour description

Tour to Turkmenistan: History, Nature, Archeology, Modern architecture and Culture. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites Nisa, Merv, Kunya Urgench, archeological excavations in Margush and remains of Silk Road town in Messerian plain...

Dates: March- October, 2019

2 persons group 1668 USD p/p

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Tour description

Budget trip in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Cultural program, a piece of adventure at Aydarkul lake and in Karakum desert, Darvaza gas craters. Visit history and archeology UNESCO sites in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Kunya Urgench, Merv. Cultural exchange with local people. Discover the white marble architecture of Ashgabat. Program is flexible, with possibility to change as per request


Dates: January- August, 2019

starting 1705 USD, 18 days Uzbekistan- Turkmenistan

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Tour description

Turkmen Akhal Teke horse festival and exploration of the main natural sites in the country (Yangy Kala canyons, Kugitang mountains, Caspian Sea, Darvaza gas craters). Participate in the event to see how the old cultural traditions entwine with the peculiarities of the modern Turkmen State in central Asia region... 




Dates: April 27- May 08, 2019

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 Tour description

Transit trips around Turkmenistan. These options based on previous travel requests. The programs are flexible and number of days or itineraries can be changed as per traveler requirements or planning. Any hotel or guest house in Turkmenistan can be changed as per request. Camping in desert is ok... 


Period: January - December, 2019

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