Oguz Kent

One of the first deluxe hotels in Ashgabat. It was undet Sofitel management till 2014 but from then on - it is under local management due that Sofitel left country. Still good but but not already the best deluxe option. Compare to other deluxe hotels - more expensive with the same or lower service.


The good location can attract the visitors who would like to stay near the administrative and public centre of the town. Service and cuisine are on high standards

Grand Turkmen

The centrally located hotel, is under the Turkmen tourism board management. It has just across the street the shopping centre Altyn Asyrand Russian bazaar and only 10 minutes drive from airport


It is 1,5 km to the west from center and 8 minutes, drive from airport. It can be good staying choice for travelers, looking for a combination of the price and facility/ service


It can be choice for travelers on tour, having car service included. The facilities have been recently renovated


Guest house, where some rooms have been renovated for foreign travelers. The good location of the hotel, near the public and administrative centre, is an advantage.


Hotel in Mary (administrative centre of Mary region), is managed under Turkmen tourism board. It is advised to book a room at this hotel, well in advance

Avaza. Caspian Sea

Hotels have been built as part of National resort project, at Caspian sea coastline in Avaza. It is 15 km from Turkmenbashy town


If you travel through Balkan region of the country and still have long distance to your destination, it is good idea to have O/N at this hotel


Simple hotel in Dashoguz, is managed by local state travel agency. The rooms and services are average, but if you have one o/n in the area before to continue your trip or before to leave Turkmenistan, we recommend you to stay there


Hotel in Turkmenabat. If you visit Koytendag/ Kugitang reserve or have car travel to Dashoguz via Dayahatyn caravanserai, it is good to stay there before to continue your trip


The latest and the richest between luxury hotels in Ashgabat, starting to invite guests in 2013. It boasts the panorama view to Ashgabat, what is quite impressive at night


Best rooms and facilities in town. Built in 2015


four stars hotel in Mary town

Travel to Turkmenistan?

Good transit location of Turkmenistan makes it advantage for a trip in central Asia.

Traditional culture combined with the modernity has the taste of deep consciousness of the past centuries. What still alive in peculiarity of a modern state. Hospitality and inconsequence are only some facets of polygon construction in variety of forms of central Asia. Here it finds its face in rich images of the country. What take its origin in natural landscapes, deep history, in multinational family of the country.

Rich in history heritage, Turkmenistan has three sites protected by UNESCO as World Heritage (Merv – the capital of Khorasan VI c B.C – XVIII c A.D, Nisa- first Parthian royal fortress III c B.C- III c A.D, Kunya Urgench- capital of Khoresm, architecture of XI c- XIV c A.D). Various Stone Age sites, Antiquity period sites and medieval towns remains tightly entwine in the country.

Immense desert of Karakum (black sands) makes ideas to cross it for exploration and discoveries. Small mountain ranges (Kugitang, Kopet Dag, Balkan) change each other from extreme north-east to south and finally touch Caspian Sea area in the west.

It is cold in winter, warm and vivid in spring, hot in summer and gold in autumn Turkmenistan offer different colors all year round, endless carnival of the nature.

What else makes it is inviting – Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, the white city before Kopet Dag mountains, keeping multiple achievement in Guinness Book of Records (white marble buildings, number of fountains…, unusual scale of urban construction after starting Independence period).


Interesting, inviting, hospitable Turkmenistan thank you for your own discoveries in the country!


Hope to meet you. Happy holidays in central Asia!
Artik Gubaev
How to travel to Turkmenistan? Frequently Asked Questions
Transit visa- a transit visa application can be made by a traveller directly to Turkmenistan Embassy/Consulate in any part of the world. Duration of transit visa is up to 5 days. 
Advantages/ Disadvantages. Read more pls click here
Tourist visa/Advantages: 
Normally, the duration of tourist visa, it is arranged up to 15 days. What makes it possible to visit all country as per idea, interest and budget. It makes travel in Turkmenistan more interesting, combining differents elements of interest (culture, adventure, ecotourism, nature, trekking, hiking, horse riding, geography trips). Flexibility of price and travel conditions are still remain but finally it depends on a travel agency you choose, as it can be different. Visa obtain place is free and you can choose at your convenience. Period can be flexible up to one or two months, arranged in advance in letter of invitation. Itinerary can be also changed inside of general itinerary applied in letter of invitation. Read more pls click here



Tours to Turkmenistan


 Tour description

Travel planning to see Novruz holidays in central Asia. The revival of the nature after cold winter and awake in the colorful and warm period of the Spring. On March 21, you can see the Novruz village, what is located only one day during a year, 15 km from Ashgabat. It is appears there like by magic and disappears next day, transforming back into green hills of pre Kopetdag steppes. Here, you can see the culture of Turkmen tribes, listen their folklore music, taste the nomadic meals, participate in big event of Spring (Novruz) holiday...

Dates: March 20-27, 2018

starting 1065 USD to 1221 USD

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 Tour description

This trip offers sightseeing in Turkmenistan, together with trekking in Karakum desert. Cross the desert from Caspian see to Murgab river, see the old caravan routes of Great Silk Road. Visit natural sites – Yangy Kala canyons, Darvaza fiery gas crater. Meet the semi nomadic people deep in the desert. Enjoy the Turkmen oasis and limitless of sand barchans. Get knowledge of ancient history of Margiana, Merv..and modern white marble architecture of Turkmenistan (Ashgabat, Turkmenbashy, Awaza, Mary, Turkmenabat). Cultural, nature and adventure

Trip dates: March 21-28, April 22-29, May 7-14, May 20-27, June 4-11, August 3-10, August 23-30, 2018

Guaranteed departures from 4 persons..., starting 900 USD to 792 USD

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Tour description

Tour to Turkmenistan, in  history, natural sites, archeology, modern architecture and cultural experience. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites Nisa, Merv, Kunya Urgench, archeological excavations in Margush and remains of Silk Road town in Messerian plain...

Dates: March- October, 2018

2 persons group 1668 USD p/p

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Tour description

Budget trip in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Cultural program, a piece of adventure at Aydarkul lake and in Karakum desert, Darvaza gas craters. Visit history and archeology UNESCO sites in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Kunya Urgench, Merv. Cultural exchange with local people. Discover the white marble architecture of Ashgabat. Program is flexible, with possibility to change as per request


Dates: January- August, 2018

starting 1605 USD, 18 days Uzbekistan- Turkmenistan

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Tour description

Turkmen Akhal Teke horse festival and exploration of the main natural sites in the country (Yangy Kala canyons, Kugitang mountains, Caspian Sea, Darvaza gas craters). Participate in the event to see how the old cultural traditions entwine with the peculiarities of the modern Turkmen State in central Asia region... 




Dates: April 28- May 09, 2018

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 Tour description

Transit trips around Turkmenistan. These options based on experience of 2015 travel requests. The programs are flexible and number of days or itineraries can be changed as per traveler requirements or planning. Any hotel or guest house in Turkmenistan, it can be changed as per request. Camping in desert is ok... 


Period: Jan- October, 2018

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