Turkmenistan letter of invitation. LOI and Visa

Turkmenistan letter of invitation/ (LOI) application form data/ Requirements to obtain it or flexibility as per travel idea


Letter of invitation is the ground to obtain Turkmen visa and therefore it is essential part to  prepare travel in Turkmenistan. LOI is delivered by Turkmen State service at request of any licensed Turkmenistan travel agency. Normally, the proceedings take around 7-10 days (*but delays may happen up to 12-14 days, due to National holidays or local conditions what may influence the work of authorities). When a LOI is delivered, Turkmen travel agency send a scan copy of it what is enough to obtain visa at any Turkmen Embassy or Consulate / or up to choice of a traveller, directly at airport in Ashgabat, borders Dashoguz, Kunya Urgench, Farap, Howdan, Turkmenbashy.

To start LOI  proceedings/ Travel agency in Turkmenistan need these documents and personal indications / informations. All these required by Turkmenistan State service, where it is submited in. The last big update had been in Jan 2013 and still valid now. Here is the list:

1. Good color scan copy of passport (better in JPG or PDF formats). Required only main page / having photo and all passport details. It should be complete, including bar code at the bottom. Photo and details are to be clearly seen. Normal copy from 300 to 700 kb is OK.

2. Scan photo/ size 5X6cm  (same formats). Required separate photo, not the one you have in passport. * Reason is that using a passport photo, scanner make copy together with passports security bands or signs, what are not accepted by State service. They can return this document or reject application.

Given that your passport copy clearly have all general details. Other personal indications necessary for LOI application form are as bellow.

Birth place:


  1. Pls. write full name of college or university or other educational establishment,  you graduated from)/city
  2. diploma (qualification details & major subject studied)

Current job place & your position there (or if retired, it is enough):

Marital status:

Current residence address (number, street, town, country):

Itinerary and staying address in Turkmenistan: as per tour program/ or if different pls indicate

Where you plan to enter in Turkmenistan (town or border you plan for arrival in Turkmenistan):

Dates of your staying in Turkmenistan: as per tour program or if different pls. indicate



Friendly tips for Turkmenistan travel

tourist visa

Pls. kindly note that Turkmen authorities has the right to reject LOI request, due to their own information data, without explaining reason. Travel agent can inform the risks, if there would be ground

LOI service is offered as part of travel package in Turkmenistan, what can be flexible and arranged to meet your idea and travel budget. Pls. make it clear your idea of travel in the country and ask travel agent the options you can have. Pls. kindly note that sometimes it is extremely difficult to change itinerary when LOI is already issued, due that there are borders zones in different regions of the country. Better to discuss your itinerary before LOI application is done. *Border zones are to be written in LOI and automatically on visa. 


Guide service in Turkmenistan: There are a lot of information around that guide service in Turkmenistan is compulsory, what is not fully true in reality. It is depending on your itinerary that this service is offered into package or excluded and of course if you really would like to have this service, as options can be found.

We usually recommend ordering a guide service where it can help to have good visit, at sites like Gonur (labyrinth of archeological excavations), at Merv (the maze of five big sites), at Messerian historical site or for short visit at Nisa.... but it is only free choice.


Turkmen transit visa

You can apply for transit visa directly at Turkmen consulate abroad. It is domain of a consulate and they have right to accept it or reject your request. It is considered only if Turkmenistan is in real transit on your itinerary and you have already visas of country you would come from and the country where you leave after Turkmenistan.  Transit visa is only for maximum 5 days staying in country. If you have transit visa and need other travel arrangements in the country, it is our pleasure to help you, as per your request.

*If you attempt to apply for transit visa is not accepted, and you still plan to visit Turkmenistan, we can help you arrange a LOI, to apply for tourist visa.


Turkmen border crossings: 

Border crossing with Uzbekistan: Farap- Olat, Dashoguz- Shavat, Kunya Urgench- Khojeili / at these borders, consular service is available and to your choice visas can be obtained directly at border. Required LOI copy, valid passport, visa fee

*at border Farap- Olat: pls. be prepared for hiking, as neutral zone between Uzbek- Turkmen borders is around 1 km, transportation inside not available

Border crossing with Iran: Bajgiran/consular service is available, visas can be obtained directly at border. Required LOI copy, valid passport, visa fee

borders Serakhs, Artyk, Gidrolium/ consular service not available


Border crossing in Turkmenbashy, Caspian sea port/consular service is available, visas can be obtained directly at border. Required LOI copy, valid passport, visa fee

Border crossing with Kazakhstan: Bekdash