The hotels 2* - 1* in Turkmenistan

Bagt Koshgi (real category is unclear), Ashgabat

Expectation: Bagt Koshgi is the palace for wedding registration and the marriage celebration. The big complex, together with marriage registration halls, restaurants and local hotel designed for wedding guests to stay for overnight there. Location is up on the hills, 10 km from center. Nearby area is generally empty, in the same environment are the Ashgabat hotel, Kopet Dag stadium for government events celebrations, Yyldyz hotel.
If you would like to stay at Bagt Koshgi, better contact Owadan Syyahat travel agent. They rent this hotel space and try to promote it.

The level of the hotel is unclear. Better expect just the basic service, with helpful but not very experienced staff. Some room features can be tired. By surprise you can get in the marriage celebration or a folklore performance

Bagt Koshgi Complex

Chinar 2* hotel in Serdar town, tel +993246 72350

Expectation: The best solution for overnight stop between Caspian Sea and Ashgabat. The hotel is in Serdar town (former Gyzylarbat), some 230 km before Ashgabat. The hotel is still new. Large rooms with wardrobe and bathroom, moderate beds, hot water. Café in the same building.

Inconvenience: No activities around in town. Staff is helpful but speak just Turkmen or some Russian, a few English words. Some beds are narrow and squeaking. No Wi-Fi.

Room 20 USD per person, includes only room. Breakfast paid separately

Chinar Hotel

Uzboy 2*, 19/1 Turkmenbashy street, Dashoguz

Expectation: The hotel built in 2009. Nearby in the area are the Coffee House Dashoguz, Hun Berger, Café Datlyja, Halil Market. Moderate room service. Breakfast is just standard.

Inconvenience: Beds as hard as a rock. Carpets on the floor are very dated. Staff is smiling but not helpful, few understand English. Wi-Fi available but may not work.

Rate includes a room, standard breakfast

  • Single Room 40 USD
  • Double Room 60 USD

Recommended only for budget option. Stay more than 1 night is difficult.

Uzboy Hotel

Paytagt gostinitsa in Ashgabat (Former name - Ashgabat)

Expectation: Old hotel in the center of Ashgabat. The location is one of the best available. Budget option compare to other hotels in town. There are in the neighborhood - the Ashgabat park, the US Embassy, Univermag Shopping Center, and the Oldest Park of Ashgabat Pervyy Park – now it is the park of entertainment with restaurants, cafes, disco. Around 8 min drive to airport and 2 min to the train station

Inconvenience: Rooms are awful, no room service. Staff do not speak English, never smile. Breakfast is missing. Wi-Fi not available.

This option can be can be considered only for budget purposes or the location itself

Price includes only room. Travel agent discount is not available

  • Single Room 35 USD
  • Double Room 50 USD
Paytagt Gostinitsa