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Any difference if travel by car or by bike?

Travel By Car In Turkmenistan/ Camper Travellers

Travel with your own car does not make any changes for visa process. All are the same as usual for tourist visa (color scans of passport and photo, personal and travel details for a LOI application form)

As for transport: All taxes paid directly at the border, on arrival: the transport tax (depending on the vehicle/ engine), fuel tax (the calculation based on total distance/itinerary in Turkmenistan), customs tax, sanitary disinfection charge.

Documents issued by the transport service and the customs:

  • Transport itinerary list (Kind of Turkmenistan map with the drawn itinerary for your vehicle. Accordingly, you are allowed to drive as per this itinerary confirmed at the border)
  • Customs Document for Temporal Vehicle Import in Turkmenistan (this document important for departure border, as customs require it. Without it, there can be long delay to leave country with vehicle)
  • Receipts for all taxes paid at border

The Bike Travel In Turkmenistan

Based on the previous experience, the normal itineraries are:

  • The Caspian Port in Turkmenabshy – Ashgabat – Mary- Farap border crossing to Uzbekistan
  • Iran – Bajgiran – Ashgabat- Mary- Farap border crossing to Uzbekistan
  • Iran – Serakhs - Mary- Farap border crossing to Uzbekistan (or reverse direction)
  • Rare itinerary, Uzbekistan – Dashoguz- Darvaza- Ashgabat- Bajgiran – Iran
    • Tourist visa arrangement process is the same. Depending on the travel agency, the minimum required services can be: LOI approval service for tourist visa, transport escort between the towns, hotel accommodation in towns. Other services is the discussion subject between you and a travel agent.