Turkmenistan country in Central Asia. The location, short summary, and short history list. Title click to open.

Country in Central Asia

How to get advantage in trip planning with a local travel agent

Start A Trip Planning

Letter of invitation, known also as LOI. Elusive or Predictable?

Letter Of Invitation

Geographically, Turkmenistan is on transit routes. Is a transit visa possible or What advantage it may have?

Transit Visa Choice

Is there any difference for campers, car or bike travellers?

Campers And Bike Travellers

The oveview of the landmarks in Turkmenistan

Landmarks Of The Country

Sightseeing details in the main towns. The practical descriptions

Sightseeing In The Main Towns

Best routes for hiking and trekking adventure trips

Hiking And Trekking

Nomadic culinary guide. Popular dishes in the desert

Local Culinary Guide

The short summary on the beverages in the country

Beverages In The Country