Kara Kum Desert

Hiking (Trekking) Trips in Turkmenistan

There are three main areas for the hiking in Turkmenistan:

  • Nohur valleyNohur valley, Kopet Dag mountains, valley and mountain gorge. It is all green and in flowers April- May. Visit the villages, see different Turkmen tribe traditions, and travel in the mountains.
  • Yangy Kala CanyonYangykala canyon – Karakum desert – Darvaza. One week trekking trip along the former bed of Uzboy river, wild desert of Karakum, Turkmen lake, Darvaza gas craters. Combination of hiking and 4WD cars drive. Spring is the best period, the desert is green and in flowers. Summer is for real hot lovers. Autumn is as mellow season (September – start of October)
  • Kugitang MountainsKugitangtau mountains – Dinosaur plateau – Umbar Dere, Kyrk Gyz gorges. Best time, through May – June. Then September – start of October. Summer is hot and dry