Kara Kum Desert

Start LOI process, when itinerary of the trip is confirmed. LOI stands for Letter Of Invitation. It is the required document to get a Turkmen Visa

The main requirement for tourist visa is to have the approved letter of invitation. The normal way to arrange it, is to book LOI via a local travel agent. Travel agent collects documents and details, make LOI application and submit it to the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. There, the process can be around 14 days (*delays may happen up to 3 weeks due to National holidays or National Government Events). When LOI approved, Turkmen migration issue it for a travel agent. Travel agent scans it and sends to a traveler/ client. When you get the scanned copy of LOI, you can apply for Turkmen visa at any Turkmenistan embassy or consulate, as per your convenience.

If you have not Turkmen embassy in your country or it is not convenient for you to obtain visa at Embassy, due to business or travel plans. You can plan to get visa directly at the certain borders: at airport in Ashgabat, at port in Turkmenbashy, at Dashoguz, Kunya Urgench, Farap and Gaudan borders. Pls. note that only above border crossings can offer this consular service. Required only: copy of LOI, your passport/ the same as registered in LOI, and USD cash to pay visa fee.

Note! Borders at Serakhs, Artyk, Gidrolium, Bekdash do not offer visa obtain consular services, and you need to plan visa obtain in advance, before arrival at these borders.

Another point for LOI issuance: if, Turkmenistan Migration service deny LOI application and issue reject letter. The visa cannot be obtained and trip is not possible. Turkmenistan migration never explains the reason why a reject is issued. Therefore, it is difficult to explain it in legal way. In this case, we recommend asking travel agent suggestions and possibly repeating the LOI application again after some months. Sometimes, it works. There had been clients who get approved LOI after second or third time.

Visa cost at borders: 1-10 days visa normal price 55 USD, except UK 85 USD, Belgium 75 USD, and Russian 165 USD.

11-20 days visa cost at airport in Ashgabat: Western Countries 85 USD, Russians 165 USD

If passport changed after LOI process started: After LOI issued accordingly to the old passport details. You can send new passport asking travel agent to correct LOI. It may take 1-3 days and cost 10 -15 USD.

Turkmenistan has many border zone areas what should be on the visa (if you go there). Then if the itinerary is coming through any border zone, it should be added in LOI application before to start process. If LOI issued without border zones – it may risk your travel plan and damage tour. As for to add border zone/s after LOI approved – it is expensive and may cost double price and take time to resubmit LOI.

First, come to final itinerary and then start LOI process.