Regional Museum in Mary, Turkmenistan

Location of the museum: 22, Gowshut Han street, Mary, Turkmenistan (the next from Margush hotel)

Mary museum

The Mary Regional museum has longer history than the Independence period in Turkmenistan and come back to 1968. It was located in the old 19-century building of Mary merchant who ran away in Afghanistan after the revolution of 1917. Two floor brick building had the cosy atmosphere of 19th century town and itself was the example of the architecture and the history. It housed the history and the ethnography displays of the Russian Tsar period, Soviet times and the artefacts from Merv and Margiana

In 2008, the new building was built and the museum moved there. The white marble building offers the look of the monumental style of the Independence period. It offer the array of displays covering the spaces of the Mary region. The fascinating array of taxidermy in the nature section, the dioramas and the huge models in the ethnography section, the murals in the Independence period section, and the displays of the artefacts from the expeditions in Merv and Margiana country

The museum is open for visits:

Mary museum

09:00 – 18:00 (Monday – Friday), 09:00 – 13:00 Saturday, closed on Sunday

Entrance ticket is around 18 manats DTM

Museum guide visit ticket is + 5 USD

Camera fee is 50 manats DTM