History Museum, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Location of the museum: Archabil shayoly 30, Ashgabat, tel +99312 482587

History museum

It is 5 min walk from Archibil hotel, from other hotels better to use a car or public buses

Standing at the southern border of Ashgabat town, on the foot of Kopetdag Mountains

In 1998, it opened as the National Museum of History and Ethnography of Turkmenistan. It housed the historic heritage from the Soviet period museums and added the artifacts from the independence period excavations in Margiana, Merv, Nisa, Dehistan and from other sites around the country. In 2009, two twin buildings had been built-in to the main section and it became the Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan. Whole complex of three buildings host the History museum, the Ethnography museum, the museum of Independence period. In fact, the history museum is the former national museum; it is the most interesting concerning the history and the archeology, and the ethnography moments – one of the largest carpets of the world is still there

The museums are open for visits:

History museum

09:00 – 17:00 (Wednesday – Monday)

Always closed on Tuesday, and the first Monday of each month

Entrance tickets 20 USD per ticket (foreign visitors are charged in USD, local visitors in manats DTM)

Photo fee is around 50 USD, but it can be paid in manats. Given the local peculiarities, paying in manats is a big advantage for the real value

Note that entrance tickets are charged for every section (History museum, Ethnography museum, Independence period museum)! If to choose, the history museum/ section is the most interesting and worth for a visit

Photos of the History Museum