Sultan Palace Merv

Oguz tribal union organization consisted of 24 tribes. They also formed combat order of their army

Right wing (senior tribes), Gray Arrows (Bozoks)

1st group: Gyun Han

Kayi (Gaya) Meaning – Strong, Ongon – Gyrfalcon.

Ottomans family originated from Kayi tribe, under Osman I, in north-western Anatolia, district of Bilecik Sogut Jandarids was Anatolian Turkoman beylik in the regions of Kastamonu and Sinop of Turkey.

Bayat Meaning – Rich, Ongon - Eurasian eagle-owl.

Qajars was Iranian royal dynasty of Bayat Turkic origin, who ruled in Iran between 1789-1925. Dulkadirids was one of the frontier principalities established by Turkoman clans Bayat, Afshar, Begdili after decline of Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate. Book of Dede Korkut the most famous epic stories of Oghuz Turks about their morals, values, lifestyle, pre-Islamic beliefs. Fuzuli was Azerbaijani writer and poet.

Alkaevli (Agoyli) Meaning – White House, Ongon – Common Kestrel

Karaevli (Garaoyli) Meaning – Black House, Ongon – Lesser Kestrel

2nd group: Ay Han

Yazir Meaning – Spread, Ongon - Merlin

Doeger (Doger) Meaning –Gatherer

Artuqids was a Turkmen dynasty who ruled in eastern Anatolia, Northern Syria, Northern Iraq between XI- XIII centuries. Artuqid dynasty takes name from its founder Zaheer ul Daulah Artuk from Doeger.

Dodurga Meaning – Country Gainer

Yaparli Meaning – Nice Smelling

3rd group: Yilduz Han

Afshar (Owshar) Meaning- Obedient/ Agile, Ongon –Bonelli's Eagle.

Afsharids was Iranian dynasty from Afshar tribe, in Iranian province of Khorosan ruling Iran in mid-eighteenth century. Founded in 1736 by military commander Nader Shakh. Who deposed last member of Safavid dynasty and proclaimed himself Shah of Iran.

Zengid was a Muslim dynasty what ruled parts of Levant and Upper Mesopotamia for Seljuk Empire. Founder Imad ad Din Zengi, Afshar Turkic tribe

Kizik (Gyryk) Meaning – Forbidden, Ongon – Northern Goshawk

Begdili Meaning – Reputable, Ongon- Great Crested Grebe.

Khwarazmian dynasty was a Persianate Sunni Muslim society of Turkic mamluk (king) origin. They ruled in Central Asia and in Iran 1077-1231, as vassals of Seljuks and Qara Khitan, then as independent rulers until defeated by Mongols

Kargin (Garkyn) Meaning – Black Leather, Northen Goshawk

Left wing, Three Arrows (Uchoks)

1st group: Goek (Gok) Han

Bayadur (Bayyndyr) Meaning – Wealthy Soil, Ongon – Peregrine Falcon.

Founders of Ak Koyunlu – White Sheep Turkomans. They were Persianate Sunni Muslim tribal confederation ruling in Eastern Turkey 1378-1501, and last periods also in Armenia, Azerbaijan, most of Iran, Iraq

Pecheneg (Bechene) Meaning – Who Makes, Ongon- Eurasian Magpie.

Chavuldur (Chowdur) Meaning –Famous.

Tzachas- Chaka Bey – 11th century Seljuk Turkic Commander who ruled in Smyrna (Izmir), much of Aegean costlands of Asia Minor and islands lying off shore 1088-1091. Originally, in Byzantine service, he rebelled against them. Byzantines returned control of the lands in 1097.


Chepni Meaning- Who Attacks Enemy, Ongon- Homa Mythical Bird

Kyuresunni – Turkic Chepni ethnic subgroup settled by Ottoman Empire in Azerbaijani parts of Iran and at the border with Turkey

2nd group: Tak Han

Salur (Salyr) Meaning- Sword Swinger, Ongon- Golden Eagle.

Salars people – Turkic ethnic minority living in China and speaking Salar language, an Oghuz language.

Kadi Burhan al-Din 1345- 1398 Oghuz vizier and atabeg to the Eretnid rulers of Anatolia. In 1381 claimed title of sultanSalghurids of Fars, Turkic origin dynasty that ruled Fars vassals of Seljuqs and Khawaresm Shakhs. Karamanids was one of Anatolian beyliks

Eymyur (Eymir, Ayrums) Meaning-Being Good

Alayuntlu (Alayuntly) Meaning – With multicolored horse, Ongon- Eurasian Hobby

Yuregir (Uregir) Meaning- Order Finder

Ramadanids were an independent emirate 1352-1608 in Cilicia/ modern Turkey, Protectorate of Mamluk Sultanate until the end of XIV century

3rd group: Dingiz Han

Igdir Meaning- Being Good, Ongon- Northern Goshawk

Byugdyuz (Bukder, Bugduz) Meaning- Modest, Ongon-Saker Falcon

Yiva Meaning- High Ranked, Ongon- Northen Goshawk.

Qara Qoyunlu – Black Sheep Turkoman, Muslim Monachy ruled over the territory of present day Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, northwestern Iran, northeastern Iraq 1374-1468

Oghuz Yabgu State – Turkic State founded by Oghuz Turks since 766, located between Caspian Sea and Aral Sea, until the foothills of Kopet Dag mountains in the west. Later Oghuz tribes occupied a vast territory in Kazakhstan along the Irgiz, Yaik, Emba, Uil rivers, Syr Darya valley, the foothills of the Karatau Mountains in Tien Shan, Chui River

Kinik Meaning – Saint, Ongon- Northen Goshawk.

Founders of the Great Seljuk Empire – Turko Persian Sunni Muslim empire originating from Kinik Oghuz Turkic tribe. Seljuk Empire stretched from western Anatolia and the Levant to the Hindu Kush in the east, from Central Asia to the Persian gulf in the south

Modern Oghuz Ethnic groups: Azerbaijani people, Qashqai people, Turkish people, Turkmen people, Salar people