Ashgabat City Tour

Full Day Excursion in Ashgabat

Start sightseeing in Ashgabat. Visit the Independence park, Ruhnama monument, drive by Olympic Sport Village, visit Ertogrul Ghazi mosque, Gulistan bazaar, Lenin Park

Visit the History Museum, Neutrality Tower, Alem Center Ferris Wheel, Serdar Yoly (Health Route), the Memorial Complex

Cable car ride, have lunch at local restaurant. Return in town. Have a rest

Restart sightseeing before sunset. Night tour in Ashgabat to see the town in lights and have panoramic photos. Dinner at Yyldyz hotel restaurant, having the good view of the night town

Return to hotel

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Entrance Tickets/ Tip! History Museum in Ashgabat have the good presentation of Nisa, Merv, KunyaUrgench... But if it is not your interest or you plan the lower budget - do not select the museum as it is 20USD p/p)

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