The most unknown country in the Central Asia. The land of the hospital people, ancient history and variety of landscapes. Starting from limitless desert of black sands combined with three mountain massifs like the sentinels standing at different borders of the land and the opening onto the secular Caspian Sea. All these spaces once the bottom of the pre-historic Tethys Ocean lure inside its mysteries. Once on the routes of Scythian tribes and later Turkic nomadic unions, who played great role in the development of life on the Eurasia continent, creating the powerful states, cultures and sciences.

Any travel in mind! Just transit through the country with stops at main sightseeing. Adventure trekking in the desert, combined with 4WD and hiking. Day hikes for pleasure. Culture and history tours. Day excursions or just have an experience of self-baking under +53C July sun. All these you can plan easily in the region. Travel information below sorted as per categories. Tour programs are equipped with the online quote system. Input your requirements and get a quote. Hope, it can help you to prepare and do your travel.

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