Trekking Expedition in the Heart of the Karakum desert: For Lovers of The Desert

Day 1 airport - Ashgabat/ Arrive

A.M Meet at airport. Drive to Ashgabat. Welcome complimentary breakfast and short drive around Ashgabat. At 12:00 Check in hotel (of your choice). Time at leisure. In the evening, take the overnight train to Turkmenbashy. Overnight

Day 2 Turkmenbashy- Gozli Ata - YangyKala, ~180 km, Old Bumpy Roads, Sand Track

Arrive in Turkmenbashy. Short drive around for photos. Drive to Yangy Kala canyon (The south eastern bordering area of Gara Bogaz Gol bay, the floor of the ancient Tethys Sea. It offers to the view: the unusual shapes and variety of colors). Visit the Gozli Ata mausoleum. Arrive and sightseeing the Yangy Kala canyon. Wild Camping at the site. Overnight

Day 3 YangyKala - Gaytaramysh Ata – Western Karakum desert, 250 km, Sand Tracks

Explore the area and meet the local people. Drive to Gaytaramysh Ata mausoleum (Kaytaramysh), the local holy site. Sightseeing. Continue drive to Gyzyl Kaya, then change direction to south-east. Visit villages along the route. Camping in the desert. Overnight

Day 4 Western Karakum- Melegoch area- Karakum lake- Darvaza, ~ 180 km, Sand Tracks

Continue crossing the barchans of the Karakum desert, drive by Melegoch settlement. Arrive at Karakum lake. Visit it. Drive around, cross the Turkmen lake, then start to east direction, to Darvaza. Arrive. Camping at Darvaza gas crater area. See the gas crater at night *Total distance 440-450 km. The landscape changes from plateau to Karakum desert. The relief waves from +300m to +100m

Day 5 Darvaza - Damla- Murzechirla, ~200 km, Sand Tracks

The Central Karakum sands, Unguz line. Old riverbeds (of the Ancient Amu Darya and Uzboy rivers) Crossing the barchans. Stop for walk in the desert and lunch. Arrive at Damla village. Meet the people, explore their mode of life. Continue drive to Murzechirla village. Camping. Overnight

Day 6 Desert- GonurDepe / 230 -260 km depending on the traks, Sand Tracks

Final crossing and arrive at GonurDepe archeological site. Sightseeing the Bronze Age capital of Margiana. Camping at the site. Overnight

Day 7 GonurDepe - Merv- Mary, 100 km, Sand Track, Asphalt Road, Highway

Drive to Merv History Park (World Heritage Site from 1999). Sightseeing in Alexandria in Margiana, Antiochia in Margiana, Sultan Kala. Then drive to Mary. Arrive and check in htl. Overnight at hotel (of your choice)

Day 8 Mary - Farap border/ Departure, 270 km, Highway or Flight

Option 1:Continue trip in Uzbekistan. At 08:30 am transfer to Farap border. Along the way, cross the Eastern Karakum, Amudarya river and Sundukli barchans. Arrive at Farap Border Check Point. Formalities. End of program

Option 2:Return flight to Ashgabat. Transfer to international airport

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