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Transit Visa travel in Turkmenistan

If the itinerary goes via Turkmenistan, there is option to get 5 days transit visa to come through the country. Before to try this option at Turkmen embassy, you should have in your passport the visas of countries you arrive from and depart to after the transit in Turkmenistan

What advantage has transit visa?:
  • You can get it directly at Turkmenistan embassy or consulate and do not pay LOI cost to a travel agent
  • Having it, you can plan your travel in country independently, without a local travel agent or book only really needed or interested in services. This may lower your travel costs
What disadvantage has transit visa?:
  • It is only for 5 days maximum. The strict itinerary is confirmed by you in the visa application form and the visa authorization is done accordingly to that itinerary. It should start and finish at land borders and the visas of neighboring countries done before a transit visa application started. For example, Iran- Turkmenistan- Uzbekistan
  • Visa authorization process is the same 2 weeks or around. Transit visa application has very high risk not to be accepted even at the start. It is up to consul to start it or advise to apply for tourist visa
  • Started authorization process does not guaranty the visa approval