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Start the travel planning to Turkmenistan

Planning a trip in Central Asia, that comes through Turkmenistan or plan a travel only in the Turkmen land. It is important to define a local travel agent. There have been around 60 travel agents in Turkmenistan before 2020 and probably, this number increases. Mainly, the dozen of this number have the previous experience to work with the Western Clients. The main difference can be the price composition and the quality of services.

First point is that any Turkmen travel agency arranges a tourist letter of invitation LOI (the application has to be approved by the Turkmenistan State Migration Service). When this LOI approved, customers can get Turkmen visas and proceed with a trip. Every travel agent may have a different price for this, but the approach is the same that it should be in the travel services package

Before to start LOI process - Important that the trip arrangements (itinerary, services and final price) are discussed and concluded. Here is the difference:

Often the offer is just a standard package of services for a standard itinerary. The price may differ from agency to agency. The lowest prices are not always the best choice on the ground; the services can be shady regarding the quality. If it is your choice, ask details for the hotels, drivers, cars, guides etc. Better to discuss the details of the services and only then to book.

Second approach, you can meet – it is flexibility. Normally, only the experienced travel operators make it in practice, listen the client and create personalized offer as per request. This can be the unique trip and for the good real price.

Third point is VIP service/ offer. This can be used as a trick to make higher gain, as the main difference is a choice of a hotel. It is proved that there is always way to make this price lower for the same services and quality. Discuss your itinerary with all requirements as normal trip and then question to upgrade hotels to your final choice. You get a real VIP service and for the best price.

Said the above, have attention to the lowest and the highest prices. Select in the range between it and then change the services or itinerary as per your plan. As for the budget travel – a best offer can be reached based on the effectiveness of itinerary planning and arrangements that applies only to a flexible travel agent.